Advice for a good luxury escort experience

Luxury escorts are women who stand out from the others who work in the field of adult entertainment. Besides being beautiful, polite, thin and very intelligent they must be treated in a unique and special way.

And because they work in this field, just like any other professional, they have characteristics and ways to serve their customers in a peculiar way. Therefore, just as you have a preference for a particular professional know that, on their part, there are also preferences for certain clients.

And if you want to become a special and favorite customer for a luxury escort, you should be aware of the details that are crucial in defining which list you will enter her schedule.

Advice for a good luxury escort experience

In the following I will show you some advice that goes beyond the initial idea that it is only necessary to take the luxury escort madness in bed to make her happy and happy with you. Many of the following tips are so simple that they can be overlooked and that is exactly why they make all the difference.

Check out which ones are below:

    Being punctual is a positive trait and people should worry constantly. Just as you have a number of daily tasks to do, luxury escorts have their pre-set schedules.
    Of course, if there are any issues regarding the girl's scheduled time, it is best that you contact her as soon as possible, either through a call or a message to let her know about the reasons that prevent her from arriving on time. at the scheduled time.
    Also, when you reach the end of the scheduled time with the companion and want to extend it a little further because of those initial minutes of delay, check with her if there is a possibility of giving in a little, but be sure to match the amount of the extra over time.
    When talking about safety, it is understood that it is from the place where you will meet your companion as well as the fact of using or not the condom during the sexual act. In either case, when you value safety automatically, it also offers greater security for the luxury escort.
    This way, you end up making her more peaceful and safe with you. And as for the case of condoms do not dispense under any circumstances nor try to deceive the girl, because if she finds out may cause some tension and stress that will not be good for anyone.
    Luxury escorts, as I mentioned at the beginning of the article, are top girls in the entertainment industry, so they are differentiated from other sex girls. They should always be treated with respect and remember that they are not owned by anyone.
    These are professionals who regardless of the reasons that led them to the work of adult entertainment are people who deserve to be respected to automatically treat you with the due respect you deserve.
    Unfortunately there are many cases where some clients combine certain details about meeting with the luxury escort and then simply want to modify what they have agreed.
    And that's not cool and it doesn't make a good impression on you. Ideally, you should talk and combine all details in advance to avoid any kind of conflict. After all all you want is to relax. Remember this!
    If there's one thing that professionals, and especially luxury escorts, hate, is that customers will haggle. This creates deep unease because they feel like real objects and they are not.
    Also, when you bargain something ends up putting down the quality issue and consequently generates some level of dissatisfaction on both sides. So always try to avoid this kind of action.
    Another fundamental point that cannot be overlooked in this post. If at the time of the meeting you want to do something that has not been agreed upon before and the girl simply accepts nothing of offering money and does not insist against her will.
    Everything must be done within the limits and as agreed above.
    Hygiene is an essential item in everyone's life and, in the case of sex, is no different. Just like a girl should look clean and smell good as well . A good bath, brushed teeth with pleasant breath, as well as toenails and severed hands are essential.

So was it clear?
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