Dirty talk during and until after sex

Do you know what Dirty Talk means? I'm sure so, but not as an English term but by "your practice."

It may seem confusing, but I will explain it to you. The English phrase “Dirty Talk” is easily translated as “dirty talk”, that is, to talk nonsense in the hour. If you did not know and found it interesting, know that it is one of the most common practices used by couples and that serves to further increase plus the sex.

Dirty talk during and until after sex

Want to know details of how it works and how you can practice at sex time? Then continue with me for the next few paragraphs.

How does Dirty Talk work?

It is simply speaking dirty words before, during and until after sex with your partner. It is a way of going out of the ordinary and assuming for yourself the naughtiness that we all have and we keep well inside, and that we only reveal in very special cases with people who can enjoy these moments with the same will and intensity.

For many it is a audacity, but also carries a lot of sensuality. If you have never practiced Dirty Talk you can start at any time, just do not be ashamed.

Just as you take off your clothes for your partner you should also undress from all modesty and fully indulge in the delights of the moment you feel horny. Of course, the success of Dirty Talk involves both people.

And for that to happen, there must be freedom and complicity between them so that you can say what you feel and what you think in order to reveal and arouse greater excitement than usual, not only for your partner, but for your partner. also for you who throws at him the spiciest words and even the bad words.

If you still don't know how you can do Dirty Talk and are worried about how your partner might welcome this new thing in bed, please know that I have separated some simple tips in this post so you can try and play with your partner in a different and delicious way.

Tips for starting Dirty Talk

There is no mystery for you to start awake your partner with dirty words. Of course it gets a lot easier when you already have more time together and know each other well. Dirty can be harder to practice when couples are getting to know each other and still guard against making a good impression and making each other fall in love.

Below are some essential tips to help you get started with Dirty Talk. Check out the following details.

The more natural the better

Naturalness is always welcome in any situation and in this case in particular is no different. If you intend to speak a few spicy words or bad words you should feel free to do so without being afraid, ashamed or shocking your partner. The will combined with spontaneity is always sexier and generates wonderful moments.

Pay attention to the pronunciation and change of the words

How you will speak these dirty or spicy words is quite decisive. Try to make your voice as sensual as possible and interleave a few screams, murmurs, moans and even sighs. This will stimulate and excite your partner.

Play the game

Dirty is a real game, whose sensual play can make sex hotter, and like all good play is not recommended to cross the line, as this is not acceptable. It is important to respect your partner and say things that will really turn you on.

Use your senses

In Dirty Talk the human senses prevail. One that you should not miss is your partner's hearing. To do this, try to whisper some sensual words right around his ear, and let the warmth of your mouth reach the back of your neck and other regions to make you even more aroused.

Slowly approach and lightly touch it to make you shiver more and more, so that you can not hold on and quickly throw yourself on you.

A few phrases to get started on Dirty Talk. Some examples to inspire you:

  • “I'm very horny”
  • “I love it when it sucks me”
  • “Come and do anything you want with me”
  • “Eat me very good”
  • “I want to ride you  now”
  • “I love feeling you all inside me”
  • “Put everything in my mouth”
  • “I'm pretty wet, wanna feel?”
  • “You know how to drive you crazy”
  • “Enjoys me”.

From these phrases you can create your own to do Dirty Talk and make your partner horny crazy and have a wonderful sex.

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