Erotic Massage in Lisbon

Erotic massage in Lisbon is easy to find. There are hundreds of service providers both independent and erotic massage salons.

In this category you will find most of the best erotic massage providers the Lisbon has to offer. Some of the service providers are located in the center, some in a bit further away. All erotic massage advertisements are posted by independent escorts users - they are responsible for the quality and the information. Lisbon erotic massage providers are known for their quality and variety of services. Weather is nuru massage, Thai massage or just a simple erotic massage - there are plenty of masseurs to choose from.

The human body has a tremendous capacity to experience pleasure through its senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and, above all, touch. Heightening these senses to the point of exquisite joy is a playful art which brings a new and deeper level of intimacy between two people in a loving relationship.

Erotic Massage in Lisbon

Erotic Massage have many benefits

Massage can improve circulation, tone the skin and relax muscles. There is some evidence that massage releases the body’s own endorphins/opiates and even levels of some hormones are raised through regular massage. With a partner, massage is a great way to explore and feel close.

We all have responses to certain scents, so an aromatherapy massage can evoke positive feelings and emotions. Aromatherapy goes hand in hand with the belief that state of mind can also help with physical problems.

Aromatherapy for eroticism and romance

Smell plays an important part in the enhancement of eroticism. Humans, like animals, are said to give off powerful sexual scents called pheromones from their sweat glands when they're in the mood for sexual activity. These odorous chemicals work subliminally and are believed to affect the behaviour of others without others even being aware.

What types of Lisbon erotic massage can you find?

Erotic massage can usually be divided into multiple categories based on the techniques used. In Lisbon, you can find almost all of these Massage types. Below we will write a small review about each of the Massage type:

  1. Nuru or Body to Body massage
    As the name says this Massage type involves movements with the masseuse body. Usually Massage begins with the masseuse and the customer taking off their clothes. Oils are used to give a relaxing feeling to the customer and erotic movements are used.
  2. Lingam massage
    The Lingan Massage is, in other words, a Massage type that focuses on the male's penis. This Massage type originated from the Philipines and quickly spread throughout the world.
  3. Yony massage
    This Massage type is meant for the females and concentrates on the vagina. Actually, the goal of this massage is not to make the woman have an orgasm but goes beyond that.
  4. Prostate massage
    This massage type is what some men are afraid of. It stimulates the males prostate. In the teachings of tantra it is said that the prostate is a sacred place, it is a place of sexual and emotional energy. In the different types of Lisbon erotic massage that there are, this is probably the most interesting.

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