Tips to prolong your pleasure

Sex is a great mixture of emotions, which raises the emotional senses and which transcends the vibrations between the couple, even though it is just a couple sex.

Extending the pleasure during sex, moves the relationship and makes everything hotter so that it is not just sex without great emotions.

Tips to prolong your pleasure

For a relationship that is already a little cold, heating the relationship with news can be the starting point for that fire that they had at the beginning is rekindled.

Over time, especially in a relationship of many years, it is normal for sexual activity to lose its fire, giving way to daily routine and worries. Thus, the engaging sex ends up giving space for the "quickies" without much contact and maintaining the coldness between the couple.

We know that there are countless reasons to keep us away from the relationship, opening a gap that separates couples. Both women and men play an important role in helping to prolong pleasure during sexual intercourse, spicing up foreplay and showing how important it is to have hot sex.

For the couple to change this situation, it is necessary that there is still love and will between the two, so that things become easier, after all, nothing forced goes right. Talk about your fetishes and sexual fantasies, this is a good way to show during sex how much you can fulfill each other's desire. Affection must also be included, because not everything must be resolved with wild sex, sometimes the couple needs affection and affection, to make sex more cozy and loving for both.

If you want to prolong your pleasure and the pleasure of your partner in bed, it is not enough just to be there to force an improvement in the situation, you have to want to be and show your dedication, so that your partner feels really wanted and wanted by you. Extending sex is not easy, but it is also not a difficult task, if you and your partner really want it there are some tips that make it easier. Let's get the tips.

Tip for both: train your senses and pay attention to each other's senses. Focus on feelings of well-being and experience as a couple. Talk about your desires and look for possibilities to accomplish, teach each other how you like to be touched. Invest in foreplay and erotic games, so it will be a sex with more emotion and discover how your partner feels with each action made. Sex is free, don't make up positions that you won't be able to do, two open minds can delight in a beautiful sexual relationship.

Tip for her: use and abuse your sensuality, show how beautiful your body is and are ready to accomplish everything you want, do not restrain yourself in relation to your body, you are free. Take the opportunity to fulfill your wishes, show what you want and how you want it to be done. Think and plan the sex you want to have and have it. Always keep your partner stimulated, so that the lust does not go out during sex. Don't be afraid of what your partner will think about your sexual performance, if there is a dialogue before, you can be free and fulfill your wishes.

Tips for him: It's not just you that need to ejaculate, make your partner also reach the climax, even if you need to interrupt and take a breath. Women take a little longer to reach orgasm, so don't rush your partner. Use these tips to your advantage.

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