8 tips to help women get more pleasure

The tips in this article will work both on a first date and in a multiyear relationship.

Importantly, only 30% of women can achieve penetration-only orgasms, ie use and abuse foreplay as 70% of women need extra stimulation to reach the peak of pleasure!


Follow these tips if you want to succeed in bed:

  1. KISS
    Pleasure in women is not limited only to the genital organ. Kiss the lips but also the ears and neck, as the kiss makes the woman very excited.
  2. TALK
    You don't have to be silent during sex. Talking openly about sex and especially leaving words of praise will further stimulate the moment.
    The light in the space should be in the dim light, ie neither too much light nor lights completely off. To say that most women like totally unlit lights is a myth! Humans are visual and it is exciting to see the partner as well as his pleasure reactions.
    A song during sex can be a stimulating element and it can also stimulate new ideas such as a striptease.
    Stress or relationship difficulties can make it difficult to bond at the time of sex. Get disconnected from the outside world and don't let external factors get in the way. By the way, and before you start, mute your phone ;-)
    It's always good to vary the menu, so don't let relationships become dull. Tie your partner's hands, deprive her of vision through a sale, ask her what she wants or likes most. Be original and watch out for reactions!
    Explore the woman's entire body and, in addition to kissing her, experience gentle breast / belly massages and caress the inner thighs. Many women are even happy to receive a simple foot massage.
    Learn more and see our article "Pleasure stop (erogenous zones) in a Women".
    Before touching the woman's vagina or clitoris lubricate the fingers, either with saliva or even the woman's own lubrication.
    This point cannot be forgotten. Most women enjoy oral sex (or even more) than men. Strive and improve ...

Use and abuse foreplay!

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