Pleasure stop (erogenous zones) in a Women

It is good to remember that you can provide sensations of pleasure in specific areas beyond the sexual organs.

These zones are designated as erogenous zones that, due to their sensitivity and large number of nerve endings, can trigger intense pleasure.

Pleasure stop (erogenous zones) in a Women

The woman's erogenous zones deserve special attention. We will now explore 8 of these major female erogenous zones:

  1. EARS
    Try a soft bite or a slight tongue pass on the earlobe.
    The ears have a large number of nerve endings that send pleasure responses to the brain.
  2. LIPS
    Try a simple kiss, a slight bite or a tongue pass.
    The lips have a hundred times more nerve endings than our fingers and are considered one of the most sensitive woman's erogenous zones.
  3. NECK
    Try caresses on the back of the neck with kisses, licks and delicate bites on the neck.
    The skin of the neck is quite thin, which will provoke strong sensations of intense pleasure.
    This is one of the areas that men in general pay more attention to.
    Try light breast massages along with kisses and soft bite nipples.
  5. BELLY
    Spend some time between the navel and the pubis.
    Try to swipe your fingers gently up and down, accompanying with kisses and light strokes of tongue.
    Try caressing this zone, alternating the intensity of the touch with your fingers and palm.
    Because of the proximity of this region to the vagina, it may be the starting point for penetration.
    Even before penetration, take some time to explore the entire vulva with movements of stimulation and friction with the fingers, tongue and even with the penis itself.
  8. FOOT
    Many women take pleasure in receiving a simple and relaxing foot massage.
    Do not forget the tip and try it next time.

Incredibly, many women can achieve orgasm only with stimulation and massages in erogenous zones.
So, do not forget that sex is not just about penetration!

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