Independent Escorts Portugal

Independent Escorts Portugal

I am an independent escort and I came here to clarify doubts between being an independent escort , working for an agency, or even hiring telephonists to Forward the calls.


Being an independent escort can be attractive, as women are their own bosses, choose which client to accept and reject, receive every last penny of the money the client pays them, and work exactly as long as they want. These escorts usually work in they own apartament or Outcalls to Hotels, They advertise their services on escort websites.

I am going to show you the real thing about independent escorts !

 I will explain the differences, so you can choose the better escorts services for you !

 There are important differences and similarities between the types and the ones you end up with depending on your preferences.


Incalls - Private apartament , The escorts usully receive clients in they own apartament,Or escorts rent a room to receive Only ! Usually they pay $200 to $250 per week to use the Room. That make the service more expensive! 


Hotels -Outcalls

There is always more comfort! And there are restrictions with visitors, some of them have to identify themselves at the reception, making  the client more exposed! But make safe for the escorts , Airbnb is a Great deal for better discretion and tranquility! and lower values ​​! Regardless of what your needs may consist of, you can always be sure to find an independent escort who is ready to make it a reality and show you what orgasmic life is like up close! Now, escorts are broadly divided into three: Escorts Agencies, Independent Escorts and Telephonist services.


Agency Escorts : They usually have they own website to advertising the photos .

( Escorts dont need to spend money on advertising the agency do all that)  They Book the clients and charge a comission for it ! Usually 40% some of them charge 50% , it depends the value they close the deal ! 


Independent : They work for themselves , answer they own phone , choose time to work, choose who they want to see, choose to travel or not.  They book own appointment. Independent escorts  pay for accommodation, rooms in places with others girls or even rent a airbnb rooms or Hotels. Independent escorts  rent a room with shower and rarely air conditioning! High values just to serve customers! 

By agency or Spa:  They have time to work ( especially at night ) Have schedule from the agencies . They pictures will be in they own site , someone else answer the calls and make the arrangements  for the meeting , and if the girl wanted is not available at the time the agent will show the client other profile, show whos available!  They really try to get you another girl to replace . The girls are not 24 hrs, so they have to see whos available at the time! They pay commission from 50% to 40 % of what they make . 

The Agency dont help with any acomodation ! usually Spas have rooms available for them for Free. Spas they charge 50% of comission , Girls prefer Spa because it cost less  for them. Renting a room in Lisbon Portugal is very expensive!


Girls are so busy this days , doing  onlyfans page or  New photoshoot ,posting the new pictures on instagram , they have a busy life between one client and other still got find time to gym,shopping , or just a  beauty  procedure , school in the morning  so they dont have time to book they client so they prefer pay someone to be on the phone for them to book the appointments . doesn't mean you Not going to see the girl On the pictures, means shes busy at the time .The Telephonist charge around 30% or 40% comission , They advertise the escorts pictures all over the internet escorts website. The escorts girls prefer Telephonist services over the languague they speak, lots girls from Portugal they dont speak English or french , make dificult for them to answer they phone or reply a whatsapp message, lot of them use google translate to help them close the meeting .

As you can see is a lots way to Hire a escorts services, make sure you search exactly  for the service you lookign for , lots websites have a service search key that makes easy for you to find the perfect escorts services girls around Portugal.

Have fun! Safety 


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