Escorts Review Lisbon

 Escorts Review Lisbon


The most convenient way for you to check out how an escort performs is to search for her online reviews. There are many sites on which you can do this and lots of forums where people go to review the escorts that they have spent time with.



First you have to make sure you want the service, what kind of service you are looking for so you don't waste time looking at the ones that don't. For that our sites have this Tool.
To choose your escort in Lisbon, it is necessary to know how to search to see the reviews of each escort!

Firstly, I am interested to see if you read reviews. From my experience talking with clients, I find that they looked at the girl's images, their stats, rates and finally their reviews. So does seeing an escort with any reviews put you off booking her?

I always try to put myself in the position of a man seeking female companionship services and that is what helps us improve to help the other to choose the best escorts in Lisbon, looking at a girl with bad reviews is better than seeing no reviews. This would at least put my mind to rest that the girl is real.

But I explain the escort market. Although we have complete professionalism and respect, we constantly end up disappointing some escorts in Lisbon. Several of them, for example, want to put modified photos (Photoshop), or even fakes that make them completely different from reality. On our site we do not accept ! If that wasn't enough, we also don't allow you to "lie" about your age, we don't accept escorts through agencies (to avoid exchanges) and several other requirements so that you do very well on your date and continue using our website to find the best escorts for you in Lisbon


Why are Escort Reviews Important?

Escort reviews are very important for an escort agency or a independent escort ,the ladies which they represent to build trust. 
It is possible, however, I say this based on the fact that in this industry people are not as open to leave reviews due to wanting their experiences to be as discreet as possible.

Finally, from my point of view, reviews tell me which girls my clients enjoy meeting. If a girl receives great reviews, then I can recommend her to clients who ring up without an idea who they would like to see. 

Before hiring an escort in Lisbon, find out about the Review, but look for reliable sites, there are many around here that are reviews made by other envious escorts, this happens a lot!
When you make the first contact with your escorts in Portugal, try to listen to her voice, if she is polite, kind when speaking  this is important, if shes rushing to hangup on the phone, imagine at the time of the meeting!

If you have made the Incall appointment (at the escorts apartment), she will send you the address when the appointment is confirmed. The apartment number she will only pass when you arrive at street address.
 If is a Hotel, it is not necessary to inform the reception, because for your privacy it is better to let her find the door to your room!


Real photos?

“What about those pictures that look like they were taken from Sexy Magazine or Playboy?”

Just to simplify, many of them are made by the same photographers!! Not only that, but we also only accept photos that fit our requirement profile. So it's not just any photographer. Some are even very good, but they load too much on filters and Photoshop, making the escort look like a doll. And even the beautiful women spending a lot on a beautiful book, we deny the photos, because unfortunately, it is out of our standard. Well, some photographers have already noticed this and adapt to this market, today we only have one photographer that we recommend and whose accompanying person has their photos approved on the spot, without even having to send them for analysis:
The photos that are as REAL PHOTOS, are made with photographers indicated by us, This already helps a lot in choosing the ideal companion in Lisbon.
We don't use extreme photoshop where the model is out of touch with reality. We work with natural photos

Sadly, some girls do receive bad reviews, but I what i can say about it they won't be a escort for very long.Depend the  Review site you looking at it, some are with fake reviews , some other invy girls ,competition is a bad thing bethweens them, ready carefuflly and pay attention in each details to make sure was a Real cliente who had wrote about them.

Here in Escorts Lisbon we do NOT post all Escorts Reviews. But  you can send your Review by our private form in the site ,We let each one of our escorts know when a review comes in ,as we have said before this helps with the service that is offered.

Finally, from my point of view, reviews tell me which girls my clients enjoy meeting. If a girl receives great reviews, then I can recommend her to clients who ring up without an idea who they would like to see. 

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