Pleasure stop (erogenous zones) in a Man

The great sex is about an exchange, so having pleasure is as important as giving it to your partner.

And if you want to discover some tips that can drive you crazy, we give the hint: bet on erogenous zones! They often go unnoticed, but if touched they can cause him to become much more excited and reach the apex of pleasure.

Pleasure stop (erogenous zones) in a Man

What are Erogenous Zones?

Erogenous zones are parts of the body that become points of excitement thanks to the great sensitivity of the region. This is due to the presence of blood vessels that make these parts are very irrigated blood and therefore more sensitive to touch.

How to drive any man crazy?

Men and women have different erogenous zones. While the spine, neck, ears, breasts, arms, inner thighs and feet show exciting regions for them, they already feel more instigated if touched at other points (indicated below).

"In order to caress the erogenous zones of men it is necessary to be more direct. Unlike women, who prefer stimuli less connected to the genital organ, they like the touch more closely to the penis"


  • Spine – Ponto importante para apostar durante as preliminares num homem. Uma dica para acariciar a região é passar levemente as unhas ao longo das costas enquanto o beija. Comece pelos ombros e vá descendo. Você vai perceber ele se está excitando a cada centímetro que a sua mão se aproxima das partes baixas.
  • Neck – Kisses, bites, licks and everything else is released on that part of the body. Just like in women, this kind of affection chills and causes the sensitivity to be in the flower of the skin, leaving the man wanting more and more.
  • Nipples – Not everyone is happy in this area, but the vast majority may like a caress on the beak. The important thing is to take the test and observe its reaction. If a nibble makes him moan, it may be the right way.
  • Perineum – Few know, but the perineum is important even to health. In man, it is located between the scrotal sac and the anus and is a supersensitive region, and in some, the touch on it can give a sensation of enormous pleasure. The rule is the same as for nipples: take the test!
  • Groin – This is the main male erogenous zone, because men like touches closer to the penis. After going through all the other parts we point to, slowly reach the crotch and gently nuzzle, kiss and nibble, instigating enough before actually touching where he wants.

The great tip is: use any part of your body to touch them, but remember that they prefer the touch to be more precise and firm.

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