Sex in the workplace

Sex in the workplace is much more common than you might think.

This is due to the seriousness of the environment, the presence of other professionals and clients and anything else that can generate horniness and stimulate the most libidinous thoughts.

Of course, in some professions the fetishes are bigger, for example, in clinics, offices and hospitals, offices, police stations ... Finally, there are several possibilities.

Many people have thought at least once in their lives about having sex in the workplace, either with their partner or with the co-worker in which they have a certain interest and have had some exchanges of flirt

There are a good many people who have had sex at work at least once. Of course, in this subject that is being addressed here one understands the interest between both parties, and that has nothing to do with the subject of sexual harassment which is something else.

In this mutual interest between both parties, the work environment becomes a challenging, stimulating and dangerous place, as you can easily be surprised by any other co-worker or even the boss.

And this danger may even lead to the resignation or transfer of office or post, but that decision is up to the supervisor or director in his understanding. And as one saying goes, "forbidden is better". Having sex at work is simply enchanting.

Sex in the workplace

Sex at work equals sexual fantasy

Exactly! And that is why it arouses the horniness among people, because a work environment generates an adrenaline that allows sex to become much more delicious and exciting than if practiced in another much quieter and more private place.

You have to be very careful

Whether it is an adventure, a sexual fantasy or even a scape it is crucial that if you are determined to have sex at work you must act very discreetly, because some colleague can take advantage of the situation and try to gain some advantage over what happened.
Also, the ideal is for the secret to remain between you two. Especially because the other person also needs to ensure his discretion, especially if he is a person who values tranquility.

Beware of communication channels

Another key detail to consider when considering having sex at work is about using the channels of communication with the other person. The use of work emails, company telephones and any other form of communication channel that should be used strictly for business purposes should be avoided.
To establish direct communication with your crush through your personal media, this avoids the possibility that other people connected with work may have access to messaging and use against you.

Don't be totally naked

Sex at work is usually done like a quickie, as you can easily be surprised at any time by anyone. So be aware of these dangers and the need to act much faster under any unusual circumstances. Don't get totally naked like you're having sex in your house and inside your room.
And as sex at work is nothing more than an adventure pay attention to the type of clothing. Prefer those that you can close faster, otherwise you will experience the greatest embarrassment to be seen by the unwanted.

Make sure there is no security camera

It has been one of the biggest challenges for those who want to have sex at work, as surveillance and security cameras have become commonplace, both in their own work environment and in the surroundings.
So you must be very careful and do not forget that detail when making your date with someone, otherwise you can be observed without realizing it.

Remember how to discard the condom

In the middle of all the adrenaline and horniness that the moment allows you should not forget that when you have finished having sex and return to the serious work environment you should properly discard the condom so that no one can notice.
Try wrapping it in toilet paper or any other non-transparent paper and discard it in the bathroom trash. Avoid using other dumpsters, especially those that are close to your place of work, because when you take out the trash it may happen that it ends up, so that cleaning professionals and those around you can understand what happened.

So there are the tips. Enjoy and share this post with your friends.

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