Tips for the best oral sex (he or she)

I doubt there is anyone in the world who doesn't like to receive oral sex. And when the partner is willing to make the tendency is that sex becomes more enjoyable.

And if you are looking for new ways to drive someone crazy, you should not forget to consider the tips I separated in this post so that you can "test" on your partner, and have wonderful times in bed.

Tips for the best oral sex (he or she)


Many women believe that men enjoy anal sex more, but in fact they do not dispense with oral sex.

If you want to please and be on  power over your partner making him extremely crazy about you, just do the following:

Keep your mouth and tongue well moistened. This way you will be able to glide better through the glans region of the penis - which is very sensitive - as well as in other parts of the organ and also in the testicles.

Tease your partner. Make compliments about his penis and say you're happy to give him pleasure.

Do it very sensuality and with a provocative look. It causes them a lot of hard-on.

Massage the penis. Try to massage the penis and stroke the testicles one at a time.

Of course, if your partner shaves his testicles, you can enjoy and put one in his mouth and play with your tongue very gently.

Then just do the same with each other. If he does not shave leave a suggestion to start creating the habit.

Start at the glans. With its very moist mouth it encompasses and surrounds the entire glans. With your tongue flaccid and very soft, make circular movements with the glans inside your mouth and with the tongue around it.

Tease a lot. If you want to provoke your partner to go crazy just leave the penis just touching your lips and run your tongue around.

Then play with the glans by rubbing it gently on your lips as if you are putting a lipstick on your mouth.

Then tap the penis on your face in the jaw area so you don't get hurt.

Interleave the movements. Always try to surprise your partner with the shallow penetration of the penis into your mouth and some deeper penetrations.

So that you do not suffer from the possible anxiety easily provoked just put the tongue in the bottom of your mouth so that the penis can not reach your epiglottis.

Acrobatics of pleasure

Now if you want to go crazy a lot just put your elbows on the bed apart. Hold the penis in one hand and stand in a "four" position so that your partner can see you having oral sex in front of you while you can contemplate the curve of your butt appearing above you.

Realizing that he admires the image of your body enjoy and wiggle to make him even more horny crazy for you.


Good oral sex in men and especially women should be in no hurry. To make your partner horny is always recommended to explore her body.

Kiss, smell and caress various parts of your body such as breasts, belly, hands and feet.

Play with your partner. When you caress her body, rise quickly and slowly.

Spread  with kisses in the vagina as well as others in the breasts, so that will increase the pleasure and make her crazy for you.

Explore the clitoris. This is one of the most sensitive regions that gives them a lot of pleasure.

With your mouth moist, make light, slightly more intense movements, but be careful not to hurt it while stroking the inside of your thigh and groin.

To find out how to please it, interchange circular back and forth movements in various parts of the vagina gently and intensely, slowly and quickly.

Work your fingers. As you play and explore the clitoris insert a finger or two into the vagina and make back and forth movements, as well as massaging the G spot - a region that is on the inner wall of the vagina near the navel and about 2 cm - this double tongue movement and fingers will give your partner great pleasure.

Use edible gel. Many women enjoy flavored gels, as the aroma arouses their senses and makes everything more exciting. Then put some gel in her vagina and lick it like ice cream. The experience is fun and delicious.

Did you like the tips? If you have questions just contact us!

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