Types of massage in Lisbon

Who doesn't like or enjoy a good massage to relax the muscles?

In addition, massage is also a good way to start the foreplay of sex, as it allows you to make your partner relax.

This way, he / she will surrender more naturally to the environment and moment, while "preparing" the next steps and movements.

You can alternate with soft kisses and touches to make the moment unique and special.

If you want to know what types of massage you can find in Lisbon just read this article.

Types of massage in Lisboa

    Massage helps relieve nervousness and stress, especially when both know each other little. But it can also provide erotic moments, If you get a  nice lingerie, costumes and products of sex shops of Lisbon (such as special oils) provide wonderful moments.
    Want to innovate and ensure a more delicious sex?
    Then check out some types of massage in Lisbon that you can try and practice to your liking whenever you wish.
    It is one of the most popular massages and is done by most people.
    Light and sliding movements are used and often with  aromatic oils (sold in special stores or in Lisbon sex shops) to facilitate the movement and touch of the movements.
    Relaxing massage is widely used to relieve stress while giving the body greater muscle relaxation. In addition, it is excellent for improving blood circulation.
    This is a massage that, as its name suggests, is done “with four hands”, ie it is a relaxing massage performed by two people in a synchronized way.
    In this type of massage, the intention is to provide a greater, fuller and more complete sensation to the body, since the massage is done all over the body at the same time.
    If you indulge in this massage you will feel complete relaxation as your nervous system will return to balance.
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    There is a type of massage that is performed with the aid of candles and has become an alternative for those who do not like or do not enjoy the hot stone massage.
    Apparently, candle massage arose in the New York area of the United States And Now in lisbon as well.
    The candle massage consists of pouring the wax over the place to be massaged.
    It is good to remember that the wax used in this type of massage is a special wax, that is, the common candle wax should not be used. In addition, these special waxes have aromas.

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