Aphrodisiac foods that can stimulate sexual appetite

Did you know that your diet can influence your sexual appetite?

Lack of sexual appetite can be caused by many factors such as stress, hormonal dysfunction, the use of medications or diseases such as diabetes and depression.

Still, it should be noted that there are some aphrodisiac foods that can bring about improvements in a couple's sex life, such as wine or strawberries.


Are you curious about which aphrodisiac foods can arouse sexual desire? Here are some examples:

  • RED WINE: according to a University of Florence study, women who drink two glasses of red wine a day have the most libido;
  • OYSTERS: rich in zinc, stimulate female lubrication;
  • EGGS: there are several factors that make the egg a symbol of fertility. One is the high quality protein content, which gives much more energy;
  • STRAWBERRIES: considered the fruit of sensuality, strawberry is a great aphrodisiac to be used in foreplay and the vitamin C present in it improves blood flow;
  • CHOCOLATE: increases the production of serotonin, hormone responsible for the feelings of pleasure and happiness;
  • HOT CHILLI: in addition to increasing blood circulation and heart rate, hot chilli stimulates the body generating a feeling of excitement;
  • ASPARAGUS: it is one of the most efficient aphrodisiac foods, as one of its substances stimulates the production of histamine, the hormone responsible for stimulating libido;
  • GARLIC: the substances in garlic stimulate female libido and increase blood circulation.

NOTE: Also practice physical exercise !!! During exercise we release endorphins that increase sexual desire and also performance. Also, promoting better blood circulation will help in the irrigation of the sexual organs.

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