Main fetishes of men and women

Not all people and not all couples conform to the traditional "M" daddy and mommy.

Sex is good, but in order to make it more and more pleasurable it is important to innovate in bed, break routines and surprise your partner. Both men and women have fetishes that are attributes that lead to sexual interest for pleasure.

Here are the main fetishes that men and women cultivate and are willing to make if the partner accepts.

Main fetishes of men and women


Generally men are more open and quiet to talk, especially among themselves. Some of the best known male fetishes are as follows:

  1. Public Places (Exhibitionism)
    This is a very common fetish among men. They enjoy and are very attracted to having sex in a public place where they can be surprised at any time.
    This sense of danger causes the highest level of adrenaline, which causes the pleasure to become intense, even if it is the famous “quickie”.
    That's why many of them like to venture into spaces such as parking lots, airplane and bus toilets, streets, building staircases and the like.
  2. Sadomasochism
    Many men are attracted to sadomasochism because it generates pleasure, especially if they receive the pain. Not every practice of sadomasochism is restricted to the sexual act.
    But it is important to note that it can be quite interesting when both respect each other and can be harmful when they cross the line and begin to have some humiliation imposed.
  3. Sexy fantasies
    The famous sensual costumes are easily found in various Lisbon workshops in different sizes and models. They serve to further spice up the sexual moment. Among several options, the costumes that stand out most are: devil, secretary, fireman, nurse and police. They are always successful and men are deeply attracted.
  4. Voyeurism
    This is a fairly common fetish among men - and there are many women who like it too - that it is nothing more than being attracted and enjoying watching other people having sex.
    Some may find it interesting to watch sneaky or observe the sexual act with the consent of those involved. It is very common in these cases to search for Swing's houses in Lisbon.


They have some fetishes that can range from more intense sexual practices to seduction games. Some of the most common examples are as follows:

  1. Bondage
    It is a sexual practice that many confuse with sadomasochism, but in fact bondage is a source of pleasure that is based on the action of tying and mobilizing part or all of one's partner.
    It is quite common to use sales, bandages and ties. It is a dominant and dominated game whose sexual experience has a wilder content and that can provide more excitement in bed.
  2. Domination
    A bit similar to the previous one, domination is a game in which they generally prefer to dominate men in bed as a way of controlling the relationship. Arousal happens when you feel the urge for it in your partner.
    In some cases, they may want to reverse the game and thus play the dominated role so that their partners tie them up and remain in full control.
  3. Threesomes
    There are women who have a fetish to threesome with two men at the same time and many like and feel excited when the practice of double penetration takes place.
    There are already some cases where the woman prefers to threesome with another woman so that the partner becomes the focus of attention or is watching while they have fun.
  4. Filming
    Many women have a fetish about being filmed or photographed while posing sexy. This ends up arousing greater libido on their part.
  5. Streap tease
    This is one of the favorite fetishes of women who feel very excited about teasing their partners and realizing their desire.
  6. Make it hard
    This fetish consists of pretending that you do not want to go to bed with your partner, but are actually dying of desire. It's one of the most exciting and sexy games they like to play with their partners.

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