Sexual positions in all rooms of the house

Sex and creativity go hand in hand, because routine sex is sex without surprises and we already know how it will happen. But, who said that sex should only be in the bedroom and in bed?

Imagination and creativity take you to the best moments during the relationship, and to enjoy the other rooms of the house surfacing everything more surprised and without predictions.

Sexual positions in all rooms of the house

The bedroom is the love nest, it is where all couples think about taking their partner, it may be because it is more comfortable or we are already conditioned to have sex in the bedroom. There are thousands of sexual positions and each of them, you can choose to perform in each room of the house, thus using all the space and leaving the room a little.

You have no money to go to a motel and want to vary your sex a little, don't worry there are several ways to solve this problem. Take the opportunity to innovate your sex life with our tips and examples:

    You can use the chair or the table. On the chair, your partner can sit on the chair, and the woman can sit by interlacing her legs with your partner.
    So, penetration control is with whoever is on top. This position makes the couple more intimate, providing the exchange of caresses and kisses.
    Already using the table, lie down on it and whoever is in control is the person who is standing. This position favors women, as the clitoris is easily accessible and can be stimulated. Optimal position also for oral sex.
    You may think it is a little tight, but nothing but the perfect fit between you. Use the walls to support yourself, you can keep your back to your partner, both from the front. Another position is for the person to lean back against the wall, holding the other in their lap, in this position it requires strength and care must be bent so that an accident does not happen.
    Standing position with the two standing and can be done in all rooms of the house, but for better balance use the wall as support. With the hands the exchanges of affections and it becomes easier.
    This position is like a stretch, if your fitness is up to date, you can try to do that position. Lowering your hands to the floor and leaving your slim figure upwards, you will receive penetration from behind.
    Maximum care so that there are no accidents, such as slips. The car seat is a position that you should use the box, as you will have to lean against the box to support the other person and hold them in your arms.
    This position allows for deeper penetration and warmer kisses.
    If you have a bathtub or are in a motel, you can also do the hug position sitting on the floor and the other person on your lap, penetration or just hot hugs and a strong bond between the couple can take place.


These are some positions, but of course there is a universe of sexual positions that you can choose and try to improve more and better. Emphasizing that all these positions must be done carefully, so that no accidents happen. Get inspired by these positions, take it to your sex and have fun. To improve these positions, use the erotic toys that I can increase in the relationship. The most important thing in trying out sexual positions is not to be afraid and relax, before talking to your partner and be safe. Use and abuse the rooms in your home.

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