Does penis size matter?

Does penis size matter?

This is a matter of many opinions that diverge between men and women, so many men create a psychological complex and end up not relating to fear of what women will think of their penis. It gets to be a dispute between men, and many of them claim that penis size counts a lot during sex. This will be an eternal question without an absolute answer, after all each woman has an opinion about, and so life goes on.

Any man or woman has already discussed this topic in their group of friends, and it is a topic that yields a lot. Many men say yes, that penis size matters a lot, and there are several answers to why. But, on the other hand, many women do not think that the size of the size of the penis during sex is so relevant, and claim that a man can have the penis of whatever size, what really matters is the form that the man uses and conducts sex.

About 85% of women say they do not care about the size of the penis, be it medium or small, what matters most is performance during sex. So, penis size is more of a male attraction that men tend to inflate their ego and even compete with their friends. When a man knows how to have sex well, shows performance and is not disgusted during sex, it makes a woman much more satisfied than the man to have a big penis and not know how to use. Being that, men with small and medium penises are more likely to be able to have anal sex, because of the discomfort that the woman feels to be smaller and to be more comfortable, is the tip.

Many men tend to create an obsession with respect to the size of the penis, this ends up messing with the psychological, possibly triggering a possible erectile dysfunction, because the man is not conformed to the size of his penis. But, also some men may end up using some objects that have the functionality of increasing the size of the penis, which often goes beyond the normal. Having a big penis does not mean that you are more manly, what makes you more manly is the desire to have sex and the grip you have. There are many women who prefer the smaller penis size, to avoid discomfort during sex. No matter the size of your penis, what matters is your performance during sex, after all no one deserves a man with a small penis and who does not have good sex. The vagina is about 3 to 8 cm deep, so it is not so necessary for a man to have 20 cm of penis, if only his 8 cm will give pleasure to the woman. The size of your penis does not mean that it is bad in bed, show your partner that the size of your penis is enough to give her a lot of pleasure. Having a big penis is not synonymous with giving and will have the best orgasm of your life.

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