How Much Do WebCam Girls Make?


Every day, millions of People  connect to the internet to meet  new people who, on the other side of the screen, are willing to show themselves sexually live through webcam. They are workers and consumers of the Webcam, a relatively recent branch of the sex market in some places, unlike other countries, such as Europe and the United States, where the trend is more consolidated. ..

What does it take to be a Webcam Girl?

 You must be 18 or older, have valid identification, web camera, computer and internet connection. Being on more active sites and with a webcam available being on the VIP list will have a more privileged position at the top of the site. There will be more webcam! Introduce yourself! Be outgoing, smile and chat with viewers to keep them entertained on your "channel". Look straight into the camera to create a more intense and realistic connection with your fans.


A  standard presentation often includes striptease; masturbation, often with objects; and from there, from live sex to the most diverse fetishes. Before, however, it is common for models and customers to chat in chats, exchanging information for example on hobbies, sexual orientation and preferences that can lead to a presentation from there ... It's not just the time to go online: sometimes the site is weak, think about doing something else, record a video, take photos, invest in your marketing ... You have to dedicate yourself! In the last month, BBC News talked to models who make erotic and pornographic presentations on the Webcam platform. They talked about the broadcast routine, exhausting work hours, customer harassment and the complex relationship with the family due to this "secret life" that appears only in front of the webcam.

"Live webcam sex"

Millions of customers On the page dedicated to women, luxury escorts who provide the webcam service. Its attributes: "A nurse, gamer, dominant, fun, naughty and kinky". Another: "I love art, cinema, literature, rock 'n roll and, obviously, wild sex". Among women, one is straight forward: "I am naughty and or domineering". Others: "I am European, friendly, and good". This touch of reality and amateurism, in contrast to the ready-made scripts and cliché roles of the traditional pornographic industry, make the webcam girl one of the most promising trends in the sex market in the world, according to industry participants and scholars. ... With the requirement that they are of legal age, the models are distributed in the 18 to 24 age groups (11%); 25 to 34 (71%); 35 to 44 (13%); and over 45 years (5%) ... Simple, private, voyeur and exclusive chat In general, on webcam services, customers who can't leave the office prefer to go on luxury escort sites to see which one offers this service!

How Much does a Webcam Girl Earn?

Each Girl has the freedom to choose the rate to be charged per minute, so the amount depends on that rate, how long to work and the popularity of the shows. Usually in Europe they are priced at € 20 euros for 15 min! As is your private chat you can charge what you think you have to charge! making up to € 3 thousand per month The amount to be charged depends on the level of intimacy and exclusivity of the conversation and presentation, in addition to the time that the client is in the conversation!   The average webcam model earns € 700 a week for an 18-hour workweek. How much a Girl with a camera earns varies depending on the amount of experience a camera model has, how much time she dedicates to the webcam, the camera she uses and a variety of other factors. The models with the most profitable cameras. Another important factor that determines how much a webcam model earns is (again, unsurprisingly) the amount of time they dedicate to the camera.

Simple, private, voyeur and exclusive chat In general, on webcam services, customers who can't leave the office prefer to go on luxury escort sites to see which one offers this service! Be patient. You need time and dedication to become a successful model! Follow your schedule and always be excited about presentations to create a connection with viewers and win fans. Over time, you will achieve a steady income.

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