Tantric Sex - Lightness and understanding between the couple

Tantric sex is a sex with long duration that consists of slow and smooth movements.

Stimulates the sensory and with the soft touch it relaxes and leaves those who are receiving more relaxed and uninhibited, bringing to the sex more lightness and understanding between the couple. Therefore, couples who are adept in this practice have a more developed body awareness, after all they allow themselves to be touched and let their partner know their body completely.

Tantric Sex - Lightness and understanding between the couple

This heightened body awareness helps couples to surrender body and soul during sexual intercourse, and the energy produced makes orgasms last longer, as tantric sex unlocks sensations that were never explored during sex.

To reach this level of relaxation during tantric sex, training and even study on what requires a little of your time is necessary, and in some cases makes you review your lifestyle.

This way , most couples do not know this type of sex, as it requires knowledge about it, but some men may know it, as there are some establishments that provide this service.

This technique is Hindu and has existed for thousands of years, tantric sex believes in a sexual energy that helps in bodily activation, which interconnects all the body chakras, harmonizing and neutralizing the blocks.

It can be done by all couples regardless of age and gender, just want to do it and try it.

People with anxiety about wanting to reach orgasm fast, this technique can help to control and make sexual intercourse more comfortable so that it flows more calmly and intensely. So, also how they help men who have premature ejaculation, as it eases the pressure of having perfect sex.

Then, we realized that tantric sex goes beyond skin to skin, it can help emotional difficulties and balance emotions and sensations.

It is important to base some principles on starting this technique, until the practice is gained, so let's name a few:

    Reserve at least one day of the week to perform the tantric massage, it is recommended in the morning, after a great night's sleep. It is necessary that your partner is willing to receive, for the balance to work.
    With delicate, gentle yet firm touches, slide your hands over your partner's body, feel the pulse of the heart and the chill on your skin. Touch the whole body, even the parts that are forgotten, do the massage using a cosmetic that glides well and brings a great feeling on the skin. Generally, oil of your choice is used. Promote a pleasant and stimulating sensation.
    The tantric and slow massage, not loving movements, but precise. For those who are receiving it, it is a wonderful feeling, to feel their hands and fingers move through the body with the soft touch, no force is needed. Travel along the path of your partner's body, as if it were your path to heaven.
    during the touch you can use your nails, to cause chills, and also use objects that stimulate the sensory of your partner, and if you prefer to play with the temperatures, use hot and cold, a good tip are in the oils that have this occupation. Your imagination and creativity can help bringing more benefits during sex.
    during sex many couples do not usually look at each other, if they wish with their eyes, and in this technique the eye in the eye counts a lot. The eyes say a lot and so you can find out if your partner is enjoying it or not.

You can practice tantric sex from these principles, and open up a new experience in your relationship.

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