Massage in Algarve

Massage is a form of relaxation in preparation for foreplay, so both men and women are calm and relaxed.

This way the delivery is more natural and makes the moment more interesting, since the body is already calmer than at the beginning of the meeting. There are several types of massage that you can find, we will list some so that you have the curiosity to try.



    According to traditional Oriental medicine, Shiatsu is a form of manipulation applied with thumbs, fingers and palms, which consists of applying pressure to certain points and areas of the body in order to correct internal dysfunctions, promote health and treat specific diseases.
    Shiatsu is a physical and energetic rebalancing therapy that consists of pressing certain points that form lines or channels of energy throughout the body. The goal of shiatsu is to balance and restore the flow of Ki in the meridians.

    When talking about tantric massage, one immediately thinks about sex, sexuality and sexual positions. Except that Tantra is more than just sex, subtle touches and purposeful goals can provide a lot of pleasure by raising the level of pleasure to a state of therapy. Thus, it helps to create intimacy and complicity with the body itself, through discovering or rediscovering sensations.
    There are different types of tantra massage.

    The purpose of massaging the Lingam, as well as the testicles, the perineum and the prostate (externally) is to allow the man to indulge in a form of pleasure that he is not used to, Lingam is a Sanskrit word, which designates the male sexual organ.

    Yoni Massage helps women to overcome traumas and sexual blocks and to understand their sexuality more deeply, dissolving fears or feelings of guilt that may exist in this aspect of their life.

    An experience of total, physical, emotional and spiritual ecstasy. It dissolves psychological and emotional blocks and traumas that may be inhibiting the flow of energy and the orgasmic experience.

    The liquid state of the candles is used and then they are watered to the body, performing maneuvers and compressions that help in the absorption of the product.

    • Relieves muscle tension, relieves pain, fatigue and muscle stiffness;
    • Reduces cramps and produces good muscle tone;
    • Improves blood circulation;
    • Helps in the elimination of accumulated debris in the body;
    • Reduces bumps that form around injuries;
    • Helps to loosen and eliminate mucus and bronchial secretion from the lungs, clearing the airways;
    • Regulates bowel functions, relieves constipation and improves digestion;
    • Eliminates tiredness, restores depleted energy;
    • Relaxes, relieving the symptoms of stress and daily tensions;
    • Relieves headaches; helps to stop insomnia;
    • Reduces impatience and irritation;
    • Moisturizes the skin.

Like all massages, this in turn relieves stress and sleepless nights. In addition to providing better physical comfort, indicated for the end of sex if everyone is not already relaxed.

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